Hamilton City, New Zealand

Russ Rimmington

Former Mayor that transformed Hamilton. The Rugby stadium,Transport Centre, Innovation Park, Around Hamilton lake Walkway. Founding member Fieldays. Returned WEL Networks to 100% community ownership..Former Waikato Regional Council chairman that opposes 3 waters.
Married with 5 children.

Standing for Waikato Regional Council in opposing the loss of our water assets. We already provide the worlds best drinking water.
Hold Rates under inflation. Ensuring our council focuses on core business, clean air and water. Improving Public transport. Improve Te Huia rail services
frequency and extend service to Tauranga. Fix the pot holes. Safer city with more security cameras. Oppose housing intensification.
A place we are all proud to call home

CBD is a disaster, empty shops, no parking , not safe. Rates becoming unaffordable for many. Dropping public transport usage. Buses too big requiring smaller more frequent. Promote ride sharing. There is a lack of civic pride and leadership.

Stop 3 waters

This will a disaster for our country. Too much power controlled by too few.

Need maximum 2 terms. Poor attendance

Not by mandate but with true coummunity consultation


No answer provided.

Issues need better promotion

No. I don’t live in Hamilton living in Tamahere. I am a significant Hamilton ratepayer


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