Hamilton City, New Zealand

Roger Stratford

I am a 57 year old man renting in Hamilton West. I attended Fairfield College and The University Of Waikato, where I qualified in Political Science, Chemistry and Statistics.

I am a supporter of Family First NZ and am a hesitant member of the Green Party, foregoing Social Credit.

✓me 4 West Ward.

Being from a co-ed school, I have more inclusive values than most current councillors, who tend to come from single-sex schools, with their narrow emphasis on leadership without responsibility. Let’s face it, Hamilton Boys’ High have coveted prized council seats for long enough, to the detriment of a diverse make-up on council. Coming from a less privileged background, I have grassroots kudos, having lived in the city mostly since first arriving in Hamilton 46 years ago. The old boys’ network is crumbling, shown by councillors’ often erratic behaviour over local body versus central government jurisdictions over matters such as 3 Waters and Plan Change 12.

I plan to bring a refreshing perspective to council, respecting the current mayor, whilst searching solutions to make central government policy more palatable to local body sentiments. I can work with the Local Government Minister, to get 3 Waters done and to make sure that our democracy is respected.

I will counter the bullying culture on council, which has morphed from imbalanced schooling and evidenced by public attacks on Mayor Southgate, from questions over the equivability of her stance on 3 Waters’ acceptance.

I am committed to a dispassionate solution to the climate crisis, which is to temper extravagant lifestyles by putting family values at the forefront of council policy guidelines. I will mahi to drive short-sighted big tech solutions out of the city surroundings, so that culture and social considerations rule

Public behaviour, seen by the ambivalent attitude of passers-by in our shopping malls, the inner city and on our streets. To avoid mask wearing, it has become fashionable to sport milk shakes and softdrinks in public places. This is not a good look for the city.

Our need to build new infrastructure to meet the needs of Peacockes and other incoming subdivisions.

Climate reform and our commitments to reduce emissions, by making the city a climate sanctuary for those outside communities affected by flooding.

The exploding ram-raids that are impacting upon our businesses’ safety. Council needs to work with Maaori Wardens to promise a better future for our young residents, by getting them into appropriate education and training.

I have always supported the renaming of culturally inappropriate place names around the city and will encourage this to continue

What price democracy? I will promote an electoral recall system by public petition to get non-performing city councillors off the Hamilton City Council before their term is due.

See intro.

We need to be open to what Co-governance will mean for the city of Hamilton. Co-governance in various forms is already practiced in jurisdictions around the world. For example, in the UK, with the British Crown through Whitehall co-governing with The House Of Commons.

I have been opposed to Council’s intransigent approach to 3 Waters shown by its recent denigrating submission to select committee. I will mahi for Council to renegotiate it’s position on 3 Waters with the Labour Government. In this respect, my position is arguably more progressive than most of the current council, who unanimously agreed to acrimoniously confront the Local Government select committee.

So long as elected Maaori Councillors show up and participate regularly at council meetings and committees, I don’t have a problem with it. If however, they choose to do other things with their time and use hostile rhetoric toward colonialism, then the electoral recall system I described earlier through public petition should ideally be invoked.

I don’t oppose this in principle. Whatever form Co-governance takes, the Common Law must prevail to prevent dictatorship. Pakeha have a thousand years of history of representative government, whereas Mana Whenua have less than one hundred years. It will provide some challenges.

I wish to repeal the 1986 Constitution Act, to make our Appellant Courts the primary law makers not Parliament through legislation.

Compliance. It is disappointing to me to observe partisanship emerging openly on council. We should respect the current Government’s ambitions and mahi around that.

Some councillors around the table are calling for a change in government.

Citizenship Ceremonies.

Councils are superior to Parliament’s makeup.

No. Commuting is the future.

Yes. Nine years is sufficient consecutively. They can always return refreshed after three years doing other things.

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