Hamilton City, New Zealand

Raymond Mudford

I want to listen to the community, using my business and community knowledge and skills to help the community decide how to fix the problems of overspending and out-of-control debt.


This why I am part of Team Integrity, which is a group of 4 people with a range of essential practical skills who will work with other Elected Members to improve the well-being of all in Hamilton.

Uncontrolled spending that is driving up rates and the cost of housing.


We need to work out ways of enabling families into home ownership and carefully consider those on fixed income who are currently questioning whether they will have bread on the table.


Team Integrity is a group who recognise that the community is disconnected from Council and wish to fix this.

The current government proposal is an ownership system that is not acceptable.

It does nothing to address the problems of Three Waters, only adds more cost and Bureaucracy. Ratepayers and Taxpayers (the same people) will be financially penalised.

This is a democracy matter for the country to decide through a referendum.

This is a democracy matter for the country to decide through a referendum.

Central government sets the laws. Local government applies the laws to get the best outcome for local citizens.


Our role within Local Government is to discuss the impact of these laws with the community and seek feedback. This will enable the practical application of change to influence law makers proposals.

Too many elected members are aligned with central government political outcomes at the expense of community well-being.


Council does not listen to the community. Team Integrity is not aligned with any political party manifesto and plans to regularly communicate with the community.

The majority of people have lost trust in council because councillors ignore them between elections. Team Integrity plans to improve community communication.

We should have people with a strong interest in the Hamilton community with good listening skills and able to make quality decisions that align with Council services.

We should have the best people for the job, full stop.

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